Marble, Quartz & Granite

An overview of stone types, their characteristics and applications


Ideal for applications in bathrooms on vanities and splashes

Marble has been used to capture art and has been used for surfaces since 400 B.C. Today, the delicate beauty of marble can infuse your space with an old-world elegance.
The many exotic origins of marble produce a colour palette of soft swirling neutrals from burnt ambers and crisp ecru, vibrant greens and cool, dramatic blues.

Marble compliments both design and practicality in the bathroom. It is ideal for application on vanities and splashes. And using marble for shower walls and tub surrounds can make your bath a comfortable and stylish environment.
We do not recommend marble in the kitchen, where harsh acids from foods and liquids will almost always etch and stain the stone.
Marble kitchen countertop - by Millstones


Extremely hard-wearing, heat-resistant washable material
Ideal for kitchen countertops, bathrooms,fireplaces

Granite is an extremely hard-wearing, heat-resistant washable material with a classic appearance. One could say the use of granite is endless, you can find it basically everywhere in residential as well as commercial projects: kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, hallway, desk, stairs, outside wall , column, patio etc.

The color of granite is governed largely by that of the feldspar, usually the most abundant mineral. However, it may be modified to some extend but the quartz, hornblende, or mica, if considerable amounts are present. Granite is a product of nature with hundreds of varieties available. Little can be done to alter the condition in which nature present the varieties to us.

Since granite is a natural product, there may be interesting characteristics found within it. Each granite slab has a story, of sorts-veins and fissures that tell of home. These are either commodities to your design, or are elements you should avoid. It is also available in a number of finishes , from high gloss to honed, which has a matte look. Although we provide you with small samples it is always recommended to see the full slab before making a final colour decision.
Granite kitchen countertop - by Millstones


Ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and stairs,
to wall paneling and interior furniture.

Man maid "stone" is basically a compound made up of 94% of natural quartz. Quartz is crystallized silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is usually white or transparent, although it can be found in other colors if it comes into contact with impurities during its formation. It is found either in a pure state or present in other compounds. However, because of its extreme hardness and resistance to acids, it is used to make a large variety of products that require precision and top-quality performance.

Quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall paneling and interior furniture. Although long used for the finest residential countertops, it also offers an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Our quartz surfacing is tough enough for wear and tear on virtually any interior surface, and attractive enough for any design inspiration.

Quartz surfaces are manufactured by variety of companies in different parts of the world, we currently provide production from the following materials: silestone, ceasarstone, hanstone, compac, zodiac. Please click on the link to get more info about product, color and warranty.
Quartz kitchen countertop - by Millstones

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